Monthly Archives: December 2008

Christmas in Maryland

When we left MD back on December 4th we did not have any intention of coming back for Christmas.  The Lord did not gve us peace about being away from family when we were within driving distance of home.  So we kept it secret and set out for Maryland on Dec 22nd.  It was not long until the kids started asking questions- What is the name of the church we are going to?  Who is the Pastor?  Where is it.

We told them we were going to a church in Northern VA and the pastors name was Jimmy Dean – and to not make any jokes about sausage to him.  They were content and we had a peaceful ride until we got to Harpers Ferry WV.  There is a stretch of road there that crosses the Shenandoah River twice and Nathan recognized it immediatey. I assured him that while it loked like the road to “Net Net’s” it was not.  Within a few minutes wewere crossing into MD and I could do nothing to keep them from seeing the “Welcome to Maryland” sign.  We played “I’d still like to go to grandma’s house for Christmas” song and the cries of delight were heard as Cookie and Nathan realized we were headed to Grandmoms and Grandpops.  Every five minutes the kids started asking “are we there yet?”.

It has been such fun to be back for Christmas.  While it is a short visit we realize it will be the last time for several years that we will be here and we are enjoying every minute.  Welok forward to the candlelightservice at church tonight and seeing our church family once again.  We will be gone for several monthson our next trip and are always glad to be “home” for a little while.

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and pray that you will keep Christ at the front during Christmastime.