Monthly Archives: January 2009

Blessings On the Road

When I first started writing prayer letters I wasn’t sure how I’d fill the page – now the Lord has given me so much to write about I need more room!

We have passed through Mississippi several times over the past couple of months and every time we do Gina and I talk about finding the church that our church helped after hurricaine Katrina several years ago.  Our church had taken up a love offering after the hurricane and our pastor found a good, soul-winning church to give the whole offering to rather than split it among many churches.  It was really just one of those passing thoughts that we never really pursued.


When we left Florida we were delayed tremendously by rain and the many accidents that accompany a heavy rain.  We did not make the progress we wanted to make and so we were looking for a place to go to church Wendsday night.  I looked in the Sword of the Lord and found a church in Gulfport, MS.  I called and asked if it was OK to park our motorhome there for the night and they said it was OK.  When we got there we were surpirsed with full hookups which alone is a tremendous blessing.  We were told that the service that night would be held in the new building.

We arrived for service about a half hour early and gave ourselves a tour of the new building.  When the Pastor arrived we introduced ourselves and I told him we were from Norris Belcher’s church in Westminster, MD.  He smiled and said, “Yes I know your pastor and your church well, you gave us a tremendous love offering after the hurricaine”!  Now, how good is God?  He answered our prayer without us really praying for it.  Here we were in the church we had talked about so very often, that our church was able to be a blessing to, and we were attending service in their new building!  Here is a link to the church

We stayed an extra day and went down to see the Gulf of Mexico.  We were shocked by how devestated the area still is.  There are still piles of rubble and many signs for businesses with no business there.  It is amazing to see the mighty power of God that is shown through nature.