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New News

As promised there are some pictures!  In the menu to the left is a link titled Pictures!  Click on it and it will take you to the pictures.  Most of the pictures are from the last two Sundays where we conducted “Bible Studies” first in the home of one of the relatives of the lady we met in Vancouver and then in our own house!  That’s right we now have a house!  We have spent the last week mostly just moving in and cleaning and taking care of all the things that go along with moving into a house.  Tuesday night, June 9th was our first night we spent in the house.  We are so thankful to God that He has provided us with a nice place to live that is in a good location.  On Saturday June 13th Globelines

came and installed a phone line and DSL – so now I can update the site.  And you thought I was at the beach…

Now that we are moved in and pretty well settled down we will start to fervently begin the work of evangelization.  We are thankful for several faithful attendees to our first two Bible studies.  Pray for those that are attending – you can see their pictures.  This is an unashamedly Catholic country and any decision to follow Christ and the teachings of the Bible tend to be ridiculed.

On Saturday June 20th I will go to Cebu city and attend the Philippine National Police (PNP) core values training.  Once finished with this training I will be able to have access to schools, prisons, police stations, government offices, etc. to teach Morals and Values.  I wish I could publish portions of the book used for training for you.  It is unashamedly based on the Bible and the focus is on Jesus Christ!  As the Lord would have it our house is just across the street from an Elementary school.

Many people know about the driving in the Philippines and ask how I am doing with driving.  I have not found it any more difficult than driving in Seoul, Korea.  I was stationed there in the Army for three years and drove alot.  It is essentially the same – do what you want, just don’t hit anybody or anything.

The kids have made a few friends.  It is awkward for all of us who don’t know the language.  Where we are is more country and most people simply do not have the opportunity to practice English like they do in the city.  That makes them less willing to talk to us.  Pray that the kids and I would learn the language quickly.

That’s all for now.  More updates as they become available…

First Week On the Field

We are nearing the completion of our first week on the field.  The Lord has allowed us to accomplish much already.  We have gotten the paperwork for my visa completely finished and are just waiting for the final “green card” to arrive.  It has to come from Manilla so it will take several weeks, but nothing left to do but wait for that.  We also have purchased a 1997 Toyota Tamaraw FX.  An old, but

reliable car that can seat at least 12 in seats, but I am sure we can fit more in it than that.  We also managed to get licenses yesterday (Monday).  Today we will start to really look for housing down in CarCar or just south of CarCar.  Gina and I have both been suffering from the effects of the flight until just yesterday.  We both were experiencing severe swelling and joint pain.  It was really hindering our effectiveness, but yesterday it is as if the Lord just lifted the illness from us.  There is still some tenderness in the joints, but not enough to really slow us down.  Check back soon for more updates – including pictures