Monthly Archives: July 2009

Overdue Update

Praise the Lord!  On Monday we will be going to sign a contract and put a deposit on a building for one year.  We are so thankful the Lord has provided us with a great place that should meet our needs into the future.  The building is an old warehouse, which is finished inside.  After some cleaning it will look very nice.  There is one large room which we will use as the sanctuary and a smaller room that we will divide into at least two and maybe four for Sunday School rooms.  The building is right in downtown CarCar and has exposure on two side to put up signs and banners that just about everyone will be able to see.  There is also a large fenced area outside, just off the road, that will allow us more room than just the inside.  Please continue to pray as we furnish and start up in this new building.  One other plus about this building

is that the rent should be cheap enough to allow the people to pay for it in a short time.  We will have to shoulder the cost initially, but it would not take alot for the people to start making the payments.  The owner gave us a significant discount on the price when he found out we would be using it as a church.  He said, “I want to honor God”.  AMEN!!!  We found out earlier that he refused to rent to someone who wanted to have a bar and disco saying he would rather have his building crumble to the ground than have their money!

Brother Kris taught the kids Sunday School today, after I finished with the adults.  He did a good job.  He was terribly nervous which is completely understandable, but he did a good job.  We had a review game after and the kids loved it!  They had never seen anything like it and it was real fun for them.  I look forward to doing more with the kids in the new building.  Please continue to pray for Kris.  He is willing and able to do most anyhting, but he is a little shy.  God will bring him along, just pray that he doesn’t get discouraged along the way.  We are going to take him to the other side of the island to a city called Toledo where his uncle is working for a week.  We will be training Kris along the way and hopefully he will be able to witness to his uncle when we arrive.  This will be our first trip ever to Toledo city.

The gecko’s have created quite a little buzz.  We have determined that there are two large Geckos living in our house.  One is a boy and the other is a girl.  The picture of the big one is the boy – you can tell by the bright red spots on it.  The girl is a little more shy and we haven’t gotten a good picture of her yet.  Even though we don’t see them every night we kow they are still here as they are kind enough to leave us little “packages” every night on our kitchen counter!  (Think parking your car under a tree over night).  At least we know that whatever they are eating they are eating very well!  There are also at least a dozen other geckos running around in the house and many more outside.  They are fun to watch and a great testimony to the wonderful Creative Power of God.  It is amazing to watch an animal run as easily up a wall, over the ceiling upside down, down the wall, etc as easily as I walk across the floor.  They do not have suction cup feet either!  It would make an excellent research project for a homeschooler to find out how they “stick”!

We are continually struck by the beauty of the place God has called us to.  While we have been to the Philippines many times for about a month at a time, this is the first time we have spent such large amounts of time outside the city.  Every once and a while you turn a corner and are confronted with bright green coconut trees, and turquoise blue water.  Within a few minutes you can be up in the mountains and see vast expanses of green banana trees and cocnut trees and cornfields.