Monthly Archives: September 2009

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Wow!  Seems like just last week I updated the website – it has been almost 2 months!  Sorry for the delay.  Here is what has been going on – we have been very busy with getting things in the building situated.  A local pastor built me a pulpit and we bought some bamboo benches as pews – they were cheap and fast.  We have also built several dividers to divide what used to be a warehouse into several smaller areas.  We are also gradually replacing the bamboo benches with pews built out of plywood.  We have to use marine grade plywood or the wood will warp and rot quickly.  The marine grade is much more expensive than the ordinary – so we will build a couple a month until we have a church full.  Attendance at church has been OK.  If everyone who said they would come would show up we would not have enough space to put them.  We have our faithful group who are there every week and some who come now and then.  So many are working or busy with other “things” on Sunday.

I have been taking language classes in the city, which has been eating alot of my time.  It is about 3 hours travel time plus 2 hours for a lesson 3 times a week.  The man who is teaching me is a Christian and an extremely good teacher.  He taught the US ambassador Cebuano.  While visiting

in the market and just around town I have been practicing as much as I can.  It is difficult to explain what it means here to learn the local language but if you could see the reaction of the people when an Amerikano starts speaking in Cebuano – you would know it is worth every minute of time and every dollar.  There is an instant change in attitude when you start to speak in their language.  I look forward to getting more fluent so I can witness completely in Cebuano.  This past Sunday I had my main points for my sermon in Cebuano.  I hope to do that more and more and substitute english for cebuano.

We are going to the city again today to try and finish up all my paperwork for my visa.  There is an initial application and then a follow-up.  We also need to do some things to get the kids and Gina established as dual-citizens.  Should be a fun day in government office buildings!

I hope to have some new pictures of the building up in the next couple of days.  I really thought I had updated more recently, but obviously have not.  Check back soon for some new pictures.