Monthly Archives: October 2009

Exhausting But Exhilarating

It is almost 8pm on Thursday October 1st.  We have been out at schools all day long.  We had the opportunity today to do a feeding at a school in Manatd – Manatd Elementary School.  There are approximately 400 student at this elementary school.  We have taught at the school before, but there was some resistence from some of the faculty of the school.  Previously Pastor Johnny Lim (a local pastor here from in the mountains and good friend) only had the money to feed 1-2 grades of students here.  After the last time we were able to teach at this school the Lord really spoke to my heart about feeding the whole school.  By doing this we soften the hearts of some of the faculty and they will be more tolerant of what we are doing.  Also it meets a great physical need for the students and parents.  Many of these children do not get the proper nutrition they need.  We feed them soup that has about 10 different vegetables plus some fish in it as well as a hard-boiled egg.  It tastes good and is very nutricious.  There was a buzz of excitement as we showed up and began preparing the meal.  It was very exciting.  It is the kind of thing the kids will talk about and remember.  We will try to do this again next month as budget allows.  The attitude of many was changed drastically from the last time we were there.  It is difficult to describe but the reception from the faculty was much better – some even helped in cooking and serving!

After the feeding and teaching at the school we went to Papan National High School.  This marks the fourth time we have taught at this school.  They allow us 1 hour which usually turns into 1 hour and a half.  It has been great to get to know some of the students better and most of them have made professions of faith.  Today I taught about different belief systems.  I will try to post a PDF file of the paper I gave them.  It is a fairly in depth study that should allow them to make better decisions in life.  Many criticize teaching in schools saying that you can not really disciple students that way.  I disagree.  What those kids were taught today could stick with them the rest of their life.  It may keep some girl from getting pregnant before she is married because she know that no matter what other say about her God still oves her and accepts her.  It may keep some young man from living a life as a drug addict knowing he is accepted of God and does not need to perform to the worlds standards.  The last time I checked Isaiah 55:11 was still in the Bible “… It (My Word) shall not return unto Me void”!

From there we went to Papan Elementary School – just a couple of hundred yards away.   Only a half hour allowed there so a quick review and test of the lesson they had two weeks ago and them some teaching on the sin nature of man the perfection of Christ.  It is great to see kids “get it”.  If you have ever taught kids you know exactly what I am talking about – when the light goes on!  By God’s grace I was able to see much of that today.

Will be doing at least one more High School tomorrow on the other side of the island.  They say there are 39 rooms in the High School – That probably translates to approximately 1,600 students!  Pray that God would keep this door open for us.