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4th Trip to Camotes

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Just got back from our 4th trip to Pilar Camotes to distribute relief goods.  You can view the pictures here.  We took with us 250 pieces of roofing.  50 were left in Poro Camotes with Pastor Jun Lavandero and the remaining 200 were taken to Pilar, Camotes to Pastor Arturo Degulacion and Pilar Bible Baptist Mission.  Our team left on Tuesday and we were supposed to return on Friday.  God had other plans though, and we were stranded until Sunday morning, Jan 9.  It made for an interesting Sunday because I was gone, Chris was gone (who normally would preach if I was not there), Bro DonDon was gone (who also could preach if necessary).  So we had no one left in Cebu who could preach from our church!  Thankfully, we have a good friend, Pastor Johny Lim, who was able to cover for us.

The distribution went very well.  Pastor Arturo decided to have his first service on Wednesday evening and there were so many people there!  If I remember correctly the attendance was exactly 60!  To God be the glory!  We saw many people saved as a result of being able to visit in their houses.  We also had one of the men who was with us, Bro. Rick who desired to get baptized, so we baptized him right there!  It was a blessing.  We also built and delivered two pulpits – one for Pastor Jun and the other for Pastor Arturo.  Since they have only been on their islands for a little while and are just starting their churches, they did not have pulpits – now they do!

This trip was exactly two months to the day after the typhoon struck.  It is amazing to see the hard work and determination of the people.  The cleanup is complete and they are rebuilding now in full force.  If you did not know what had happened just a few months earlier, you would not believe that such a powerful storm had ripped through this little island.

We are already looking forward to our next trip.