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February Prayer Letter

Our prayer letter for February can be read in PDF here or you can view it online here.

5th Trip to Pilar Camotes

Just got back from our 5th trip to Pilar, CamotesPictures can be found here.  There are not alot of pictures of us actually distributing the items we took, because most of our time was taken up by a wedding.  It was a blessing – this couple has been living together for 8 years, recently got saved and wanted to make things right with God.  So they desired to get married.  Because I am licensed to marry people in the Philippines we decided this would be a great time to do the marriage.  So Andoy and Annalisa were married on Thursday, February 6, 2014!

There were close to 100 people in attendance – in the pictures you will not see that many because many were cooking and helping during the actual wedding – but they were within hearing distance of the wedding.  I allowed their pastor, Pastor Arturo Degulacion to do the majority of the wedding.  He preached and had an invitation and most of the people present raised their hand that they wanted to accept Jesus as their Savior.  They then prayed out loud to do so!

After the wedding we went to drop the paperwork at the civil registers office.  I had built a rapport with him over the previous day when he helped with making sure all the paperwork and requirements were correct for the wedding.  On my certificate that allows me to marry my position is listed as “Chief Minister” (as in Chief Minister of Open Door Baptist Church Carcar).  He thought I was the “Chief Minister” over all Baptists!  He asked Pastor Arturo about it after I left.  Pastor Arturo explained to him, and the door was opened for him to be able to witness to him.  The civil register and the two ladies who work in his office got saved!

For the relief efforts we took 70 pieces of Amacan.  Amacan is bamboo sliced fairly thin and then woven onto a 4×8 piece used for the walls of houses – much like you may use plywood.  It allows air in, but is tight enough to allow privacy.  We only took 70 pieces because it is extremely difficult to find right now because of the typhoon and so many people rebuilding.  So it was a great blessing to those who were able to receive it.  We know of people in Pilar who ordered amacan and have been waiting for over 1 month now to receive it.

We also took fish nets.  The fish nets are not for fishermen, but for individual households.  Everyone lives near the sea in Pilar, and the small fishnets we took will allow them to put the net out in the morning at low tide and go back in the evening at high tide and hopefully have dinner.

We also left some money with Pastor Arturo to hire a chainsaw.  Many people have the roofing and nails they need to build, but cannot afford to hire the chainsaw to cut the trees that fell during the storm.  Hopefully this will allow them to finish what they need to get the most basic of human needs – shelter.

It was a blessing to have electricity this trip, even if was only from 5pm to 10pm.  It allowed us to charge our cell phone and have lights.  It is amazing to think that for three whole months the people there have been without electric!  While there are a few with generators most people could never afford one.  The island of Pilar is not connected to the national power grid.  They have their own diesel power plant and it is located just about 100 feet from the church.  From 5pm to 10pm it sounded like a tractor trailer was idling!  It was loud, but no one complained, because it beat being left in the dark!

We are so thankful to those who have given money and prayers for the relief efforts.  It has made a difference in the lives of the people we have been able to help, and also to the church.