Aaron’s Salvation Testimony and Call to Missions

Aaron Fuchs Salvation Testimony and God’s call to mission work.

I grew up catholic. I attended catholic school until grade 5. My family rarely went to church, primarily at Easter and Christmas. Our family prayer time consisted of a memorized prayer recited before most meals. I went through many of the catholic sacraments, but they were just things I had to do as a kid because mom and dad said so. My parents became disillusioned with the catholic church because of the obvious hypocrisy and shallowness of the people. So for the longest time we simply didn’t go to church. One summer my sister and I went to a Neighborhood Bible Time at Church of the Open Door. My sister got saved that day. I had heard of the people at Church of the Open Door, and didn’t really trust them. I heard the Gospel that day, but wanted to wait and show what I was given to my parents before making any decisions. Later that month we received a visit from one of the Pastors at Church of the Open Door and again heard the Gospel. I was under conviction from that Thursday visit until that Sunday morning. It felt like Sunday would never come. On Sunday morning we attended church and I went forward to be saved. I was baptized that Wednesday night.

Unfortunately my family did not start attending church any more regularly. Eventually something was said on the rare occasion that we did go that got everyone upset and we stopped going all together. I was already a rebellious teenager, and without a solid walk with Christ that rebellion only grew.

My senior year of High School I joined the Army. One of the places I was stationed in the Army was Korea, where I met, and eventually married my wife. We were married for about 5 years when my daughter was born. We found out shortly after she was born that she had a heart defect and would have to have surgery on her heart within the week. I distinctly remember on the elevator down from the fifth floor of the Pediatric wing of the University of Maryland Medical Center a lady on the elevator who obviously saw my wife and my distraught condition and said to us simply “God Bless You”. Her words pierced me because I knew that God had blessed me and I was not right with Him. All that week, as we waited for her surgery everyone we knew said they would be praying for her. I had no standing before God to pray for my own daughter. I didn’t know enough to get right, or even how to. I resolved that we would begin to go to church and start doing the right thing.

After my daughters successful surgery it took a couple of months for me to swallow my pride and follow through on what I said I would do. We began going to Church of the Open Door every Sunday morning. Even as we started going to church I was only “playing church”. My feet were still firmly planted in the world. It was not until one week when Pastor Norris said “Get In The Book!”, as he did every week, that I realized what he asking. I remember thinking “He’s not asking for money. He’s not asking for a lot really”. I resolved then to start reading my Bible everyday. I started in Genesis and by the time I got to Judges God had showed me myself time and again in the nation of Israel. It was then that I gave up trying to control my own life and gave control to the Lord. I stopped playing church and started living as best as I could day by day. I started making sure my family was in church whenever the doors were opened. As we sat under the preaching of God’s Word I felt pressed to serve God in some capacity.

I started by joining the Soul Winners Club and learned how to win others to Christ. I met a young teenager named Mike Hemme who was trying to start a bus route in the southern end of the county without a car. The Lord convicted me that I needed to help him and so I did. I had no idea what I was getting into, and didn’t really care. I had sat on the sidelines for 14 years, I was ready to get in the battle! Soon Mike left for college and I was on my own. I recruited a full time helper, and he took over the route within a year to allow me to start a new route. God was really dealing with me, and I was completely committed to Him. I kept looking for more and more that I could do. I started working in Jr. Church with the bus kids. I started putting the Pastors sermons on the Internet. I started preaching in a nursing home.

When the Lord allowed me start the new bus route and He blessed and grew that route in a marvelous way I knew He wanted me to be a missionary. As I look back on my life, and the years that I was unfaithful to Him, I see how He used that time to prepare me. I can point out dozens of times that God was moving in my life, without my knowledge, to prepare me for what it was He wanted me to do.

When I told my wife she was supportive. We had already planned a trip to the Philippines to visit family. I was afraid that going to the Philippines, to where my wife was originally from, was my will and not the Lord’s. I asked Him specifically to show me if that was where He wanted me. He answered that prayer through a lady named Bobbie Joe. She is a friend of my father-in-law who lives out in the same area where my wife grew up. My sister-in-law had a family gathering and gave me the opportunity to present the Gospel before we ate. Bobbie Joe is not family, but was invited that day by my father-in-law. She came up to me and asked me if I was a Baptist and I said I was. I told her that we were going to be missionaries and she began to weep. She said she had been praying for a missionary to come out where she lived and start a Bible Believing Baptist church.

God has laid on my heart to start Indigenous, Independent, Fundamental Baptist Churches. It is my desire to win souls to Christ, baptize them, assemble them into a local body of believers, and pray in and train up a national as quickly as possible. I believe the model laid out in the Book of Acts still works today. Door to door soul-winning, preaching and praying will still get the job done.


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